Xiaomi to compete versus Apple over top smartphone brand, calls it ‘War of Life and Death’


The South China Morning Post recently published an article about how Xiaomi was pushing to be the number one smartphone brand.

War of Life and Death

Xiaomi pledged that it would have a ‘war of life and death’ against current mobile device leader Apple and fill in the void left by Huawei. On Weibo, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s chief executive officer and founder claimed that the company will be focusing on the high-end market in the US, and that they will. compete with Apple to grab the ‘biggest high-end brand’ in 3 years’ time.

Xiaomi and Apple have become the top smartphone brands in China and the US, respectively during Q4 2021. Vivo was ousted in the Chinese region, and Apple enjoyed a 20% market share.

Smartphone manufacturers have struggled with supply concerns, with Xiaomi being no exception. However, the Chinese brand intends to compete against Apple by improving user experience and dedicating resources for research and development.

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