If you work in a collaborative business environment, one of the file types you likely use often is PDF. It’s a no-brainer — they’re ideal for word documents, page scans, brochures, and even contracts. Unfortunately, your standard PDF reader, such as Preview or Adobe Reader, has far too many limitations when it comes to your reading and editing experience, leaving more users frustrated more than occasionally.

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The solution? A highly rated, full-featured PDF editor for Mac-based professionals like PDFpenPro. Here’s why downloading PDFpenPro is well worth the free trial and beyond.

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Using OCR on Scanned Pages and Images

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One of the biggest features macOS PDF readers miss out on is the ability to search for characters, words, or lines of text. Without it, you’ll need to pore over scanned documents for hours just to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Stock PDF readers often lack optical character recognition software (OCR), which instantly recognizes the text on PDFs of scanned pages or images. OCR technology will save you a ton of time if you need to track down the perfect quote from a scanned book for a college paper — and PDFpenPro gives you that capability and much more. Increase your efficiency by turning multiple scans into searchable documents all at once with PDFpenPro’s batch OCR feature.

Generating and Filling Form Fields

Filling Form Fields PDF Editor

PDFs are the format of choice for any sort of document with fillable form fields such as employment or identification forms. PDF readers simply allow you to view these pages but don’t feature the tools necessary to fill forms or create new fields.

Without the proper software, you’ll have to print these pages out, fill in the form out by hand, and scan them again before sending it off, which is a waste of both time and paper. PDFpenPro not only allows you to fill in form fields straight from your computer, but it also lets you create fillable form fields in existing PDF files— even automatically.

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If you rely on an average PDF reader such as Preview or Adobe Reader you’re missing out on OCR and form generation. These tools are a necessity if you handle PDFs often, so much so that finding workarounds can waste hours of your time. With PDFpenPro for Mac, you’ll get OCR, form generation, and dozens of additional high quality, professional-level tools to make your user experience more streamlined. Sign up for a free trial here.


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