Your iPad May Have Mouse Support On The Next Firmware Update

iPads are no strangers when it comes to being handy little devices for enhanced productivity on the go.

In fact, the tablet evolution is becoming more and more like traditional laptops, with tools such as attachable keyboards and angled stands being the norm.

iPad Mouse

Frederico Viticci, editor in chief and founder of MacStories has revealed that Apple will be taking that transition one step further with the addition of mouse and trackpad support for iPad devices. Steve Troughton-Smith, Apple developer, confirmed the claims and said that mouse support as an accessibility feature will be a must-activate starting day one.

The accessibility feature means that iPad users will be able to connect mice on their iPads without the need for adapters, which is a roundabout saying that the iPad can indeed be a PC replacement with the mouse support feature. This may happen when the iOS 13 launches and starts detecting mice via USB, but Magic Mouse and Trackpad users may still connect their peripherals via Bluetooth.