MacBook Pro owners and outdoor enthusiasts will love how the Twelve South Suitcase can protect their precious laptops from bumps, drops and the harsh environment. Today, it’s down to just $60.82 from its original price of $79.99 on Amazon.

Twelve South Suitcase for MacBook

What looks like a typical suitcase opens up to reveal a tough Macbook pro laptop protector. Molded hard shell surrounds your laptop and keeps it from being crushed. Inside is a micro suede interior that can absorb shocks and scratches caused by everyday objects. There’s even a storage pocket for your charging cable, adapter and papers, among others.

The Twelve South Suitcase for the 16 inch MacBook Pro allows you to use your laptop while inside, thanks to the proprietary bungee hinge design. You get full access to the screen, and there’s no straps holding it back. When you’re done, just slide your MacBook Pro in and move about without worries.

Buy the Twelve South MacBook Pro Suitcase at 24 percent off today!


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