YouTube has updated its iOS app to include intuitive controls such as gestures and more.

YouTube App on an iPhone with new features

The iOS app of YouTube will be getting more control options, as stated in a blog post by the company. Autoplay has been relegated to the top for easier access to those who want to turn off the feature.

Captions have been moved to the top right. YouTube mentioned how these buttons have been made more responsive and allow for faster actions.

YouTube app on an iPhone

In terms of gesture an upward swipe turns the video into fullscreen mode. Swiping down while in fullscreen exits the mode and puts the view to standard. The timestamp can now toggle between elapsed and time left for personal preferences.

Furthermore, Google has promised suggested actions which recommend VR playback or rotation when the app thinks a better viewing mode is available.

The aforementioned features are now live. Users can get them by updating to the latest version.


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