YouTube iOS App updated with Apple privacy rules

Google has released an update to its iOS YouTube app, the first in a long time since Apple outlined new privacy rules.

According to release notes, the YouTube app includes performance improvements and bug fixes. Going into the page list at the App Store, the app now lists data that’s used to track users, as well as saying what kind of information is collected and linked to the app user’s identity.

YouTube logo

In general, Google apps have not been updated since Apple rolled out its new ‘nutrition label’ feature in December, including the Google app, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Chrome and Gmail.

The new privacy rule guideline will have the user in mind, telling them how their data is used by developers. Apple has forced developers to tell the user what data will be collected by themselves or a third party and how the data will be used.

Google mentioned shortly after the announcement that they will be updating their iOS app suite but it’s only now we’re seeing changes.