YouTube launches new homescreen widget on iOS

iOS users can now add a YouTube homescreen widget that offers convenient shortcuts.

YouTube’s latest widget is titled ‘Quick Actions’ and is advertised as ‘the fastest way to search and browse YouTube’, with a search field right at the top. Tapping into the widget opens a UI and a keyboard, with a voice search option as well.


Other notable elements include ‘Subscriptions’, ‘Shorts’, and ‘Home’, which opens the respective feeds. Icons appear at the bottom for added features. Users can choose the ‘Quick Actions’ widget, which is 2×4, or the ‘Search’ widget, which is 2×2.

It’s recommended that you update the app first before long-pressing and adding it as a widget. The YouTube widget is the latest in a long line of iOS widgets from Google, with Translate, Drive iPad, and Gmail Inbox being a few noteworthy mentions. Google has also released six widgets for Lock Screen for added user convenience.