YouTube launches redesigned Apple TV app


Google today has begun releasing a new and redesigned YouTube app for Apple TV users. The tvOS version brings the interface Google has on other platforms, including additional tweaks and aesthetic changes.


Apple TV users should be getting update notifications anytime today. The interface is less boxed and more modern, with darker backgrounds and minimal borders. It’s recommended that you check Settings and click on ‘Software Update’ on the YouTube app to see if there’s already one available.

The app is notorious for not following tvOS designs, such as trackpad misbehavior and force closing, among other things. Hopefully the kinks will have been ironed out with the latest update. The new version was announced on Reddit by a user in Germany, and it’s believed that the US audience will have it soon.

The YouTube app on tvOS is free to download on the App Store. The videos are supported by ads with users having an ad-free option for a cost.

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