YouTube Picture in Picture iPhone Feature Removed


Nine months after testing PiP, or picture in picture for its iOS app, YouTube has deemed it unnecessary and removed the feature.

YouTube Picture in Picture iPhone

Picture in picture feature on the iPhone was enabled as an ‘experiment’ on the iOS YouTube app back in August of 2021. Apparently, the video platform giant decided not to keep it around and removed the option from the user’s view in April this year.

Currently, there’s no way to disable or enable PiP. On the web version, the icon is still there but YouTube says that it’s been ‘turned off’. However, there are still users who are able to access it but there’s no timeframe on when they can continue to enjoy it.

Picture in Picture was an option in YouTube Premium, which meant that not everyone could access it. All is not lost though, as PiP will still be available on YouTube TV since it was activated in March 2022.

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