YouTube show ‘Unicorn Hunters’ looking for TV adaptation

A Facebook and YouTube show featuring Lance Bass and Steve Wozniak is looking to make the transition from online to TV.

Unicorn Hunters’ is a show that’s similar to Shark Tank where they attempt to find and fund ‘unicorn companies’, or startups that have a valuation of $1 billion. Lance Bass and Steve Wozniak act as two in the panel of judges called ‘Circle of Money’, alongside Rosa Rios, Alex Konanykhin, Silvina Moschini and Moe Vela.

Unicorn Hunters

What separates ‘Unicorn Hunters’ from Shark Tank is that viewers can choose to invest in their preferred private startups if they want. The judges listen to a pitch and decide if they want to invest in the startup’s potential to be a unicorn.

‘Unicorn Hunters’ episodes can be watched online at the official Unicorn Hunters website, with four episodes debuting at launch. There’s no word yet if any TV networks are interested or have reached out to the producers for a deal.