YouTube testing video zoom feature

Video platform giant YouTube is currently testing zoom functionality on iOS.

The feature, titled ‘pinch to zoom’ is currently an experimental feature only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. The functionality allows users to zoom in on a video of up to 8x while watching.

YouTube Testing Video

YouTube says that ‘pinch to zoom’ will be available in beta until September 1 and may become a permanent feature for YouTube Premium subscribers down the line.

iOS users with a YouTube Premium subscription can try out ‘pinch to zoom’ now. All you need is a YouTube Premium subscription and update the app through the App Store.

The latest feature YouTube has been working on is the PiP, or picture in picture functionality to US subscribers and those who have subscribed to the premium package. PiP allows for multi-tasking as users can now make the video smaller and fit within another app or window.

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month and has a free one month trial.