YouTube today at Apple Video teaches iPhone portrait photography


Apple has recently updated its YouTube channel with a new Today at Apple video showing iPhone users how to take great portrait shots.

Apple Video Teaches iPhone

The session has Mark Clennon, a self-taught iPhone photographer from Harlem providing tips and tricks to make the most of their portrait photography. He says that photographers can bring in a lot of energy and exaggerate shooting poses when necessary so the subject would feel comfortable doing the same.

Clennon also mentions how photographers could start taking images from a distance and from low to high to discover new angles. He says that it’s good to make use of all three lenses, as well as cropping to highlight a single element.

The Today at Apple video ‘Direct, Shoot and Edit Powerful Portraits on iPhone’ is available on Apple’s YouTube channel. Viewers will need at least an iPhone 11 to implement all the tips in the video session.

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