YouTube TV App Store subscriptions ending in March

YouTube has sent an email notification to YouTube TV service users on how it will be ending support in March this year. In the email, YouTube first says that the user is currently subscribed to the service through the App Store, and that in March 13 YouTube won’t be accepting in-app purchases through the platform.

However, members may still watch YouTube TV on Apple devices. The final month will be billed, then the subscription will be automatically canceled after the said date.

YouTube TV App Store Subscriptions Ending in March

The reason why YouTube is ending TV subscriptions on App hasn’t been explained, but it could be due to the fact that Apple is taking a percentage of all purchases made on the App Store. YouTube will need to remove the option of signing and subscribing when buying in-app content as Apple won’t allow outside links for third-party purchases.

Users can still watch YouTube TV on Apple devices but they will need to sign up on the official YouTube website.