YouTube unlocks Picture-in-Picture for all iOS 14 users

YouTube is now allowing the new PiP, or Picture in Picture feature on iOS 14 for all users.

A few days after the release of iOS 14 users have been complaining about how the feature was not available for non-premium YouTube accounts. However, there wasn’t any issue for premium users and those who were using an iPad.

YouTube changed this today and now everyone can use Picture in Picture when browsing YouTube videos on Safari. In-app, PiP is not available on the iPhone.

Integrating PiP proved to be a challenge as only a few apps support the feature when it launched. Adoption has been low as there were few reports that the media giant has been testing the feature. Furthermore, no announcements have been made.

Currently, the only way to get Picture in Picture is to access YouTube on a Safari browser. Only time will tell when it will be available on YouTube’s native app.

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