A YouTuber recently uploaded a video that highlights an iPhone prototype that’s worth half a million dollars.

iPhone Prototype

Luke Miani, YouTube personality recently showed off several prototypes of the iPhone, with one of them manufactured in 2006. Some of the prototypes share similarities with the original iPhone’s design, with one that had a plastic display and sourcing stickers.

The pre-release iPhones however, carry a high price tag with them since they’re very rare. Some have testing software that looks like an iPod click wheel plastered on the touch screen.

The rare iPhone prototypes were borrowed from another YouTuber, DongleBookPro. It’s believed that DongleBookPro will proceed to create videos for each prototype, delving into the features and details soon.

The YouTuber’s recent video showed off an iPhone that had a ‘Death Star’ icon and came with a matching clear case.

The video, titled ‘This iPhone is worth half a million dollars’ is available to watch on YouTube.


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