Those who own a laptop and an iPad Pro won’t have to decide which one they want to take with them on the go. With Zagg’s Pro Wireless Keyboard, you can now bring your iPad Pro and have it act as a laptop replacement. Today, it’s down to just $84.15 from its original price of $110 on Amazon.

iPad Pro

When opened, users can type out social media messages, emails and similar content with ease, thanks to the backlit and laptop-style keyboard. You can pair it to 2 devices simultaneously and toggle between them with just a keypress. The keyboard and included Apple Pencil holder detaches so you can type or draw when inspiration strikes.

When closed, you get the same level of protection as most cases. The rigid core gives the tablet anti-shock properties, while the button covers and corner bumpers give your iPad Pro a second lease in life when you drop it. At $26 off, you should get the Zagg Pro Wireless Keyboard and Detachable Case today!


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