Video conference company Zoom has released a new update for the Mac, fixing a potential exploit that works in the root privileges.

Zoom macOS

Objective-See’s Patrick Wardle showed a vulnerability within the app at the Def Con conference on Friday. After being notified of the vulnerability, Zoom then tried to close it off with several patches. It took the company about 8 months to try and address the problem, which was brought to light in December 2021.

The patch updates the Zoom macOS app to try and resolve the bug, but it had an exploitable element. Then in August, another patch was released for the same vulnerability, with Zoom client versions 5.7.3 and onwards affected by the exploit. Finally, Zoom posted on its site how the root access exploit has been fixed in version 5.11.5.

Zoom users can go to the App Store to get the latest app update.


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