Zoom takes top spot in Q2 App Store downloads

The Zoom app has taken the top spot in App Store for Q2 2020.

Analytics data shows that Zoom is the most downloaded app in the App Store for the 2nd quarter in 2020. The video conference app has surpassed the Q1 record set by TikTok by a huge margin- 94 million downloads in the US compared to TikTok’s 67 million downloads.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven demand for Zoom as more and more people have started working from home. In worldwide figures and encompassing both Play Store and App Store, Zoom reached 300 million downloads in a single quarter, a record that’s held only by two apps- Pokemon GO and TikTok.

The top ten downloads for the iOS app are the following:

1. Zoom

2. TikTok

3. YouTube

4. Instagram

5. Facebook

6. Google Meet

7. Messenger

8. WhatsApp

9. Netflix

10. Microsoft Teams

Food delivery apps, including DoorDash also saw an uptick as restaurants closed due to the corona virus.

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