Zoom will support iPad Pro Center Stage feature

Video conference company Zoom has recently added support for the iPad Pro’s newest feature, Center Stage.

Apple confirmed that Center Stage will work with other video conferencing apps, and Zoom works to capitalize in this regard. A new support document showed how users could keep their video conferences in frame as they move around in front of their iPads.

iPad Pro

Zoom mentioned that the feature is available as of the moment. However, users will need to have a 5th gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro and Zoom version 5.6.6 or higher. Once the update is applied users will need to enable it when a meeting has gone live.

iPad Pro owners can update their Zoom app by going to the App Store. Once on a call, they can tap the button called ‘Center Stage’ for a more engaging and dynamic experience. Doing this also keeps the user from having to move the iPad to keep the view in the center.