Zuckerberg says Apple is rival in metaverse niche


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently mentioned in an internal memo that the company will have Apple as its rival in the metaverse industry.


The memo also said that Zuckerberg told employees that the competition will determine the direction the internet will go in. The Meta CEO believes that Apple will be looking to control the experience, which is quite the opposite of what they’re doing. For the Quest headset, the company has adopted an open ecosystem and allows sideloading of programs and apps.

Zuckerberg also claims that their goal is to get its hardware into as many consumers as possible. Furthermore, the mission involves ‘a billion people in the metaverse spending hundreds of dollars apiece in digital commerce’.

Apple has not revealed anything yet, but it’s rumored that the company is developing its own Apple VR device. Aside from that, it’s believed that Apple is creating a lighter ‘Apple Glass’ that serves as an iPhone companion.

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