Recover Deleted Files on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

You accidentally deleted a file, but what’s the worst that could happen? Without a proper Macintosh file recovery software, then all is lost.

Fortunately, there is a way to get back your precious data, even if you’ve emptied your trash app. Professional data recovery Disk Drill for Mac is the perfect tool for what you need to do.

Recover Deleted Files on Mac OS X with Disk Drill

What is Disk Drill?

Disk Drill is one of the most powerful recovery software to retrieve deleted files on the Mac OS X.

It allows you to conduct a thorough and deep scan of your disk drives, whether they’re on your desktop or as an external drive, or any other media that you connect to your computer.

Disk Drill uses an advanced algorithm to find, recover and get back your lost and deleted data. It allows you to even recover emptied trash Mac with a very high success rate.

Disk Drill Features

User-Friendly. Beginners can quickly get back their files in just a few minutes.

Recover Any File. Disk Drill can retrieve 300-plus file types, including the most popular music, video and photo file formats and compressed ones as well.

Disk Drill Features

Fast Scanning. Advanced algorithm beat out the competition in terms of speed and accuracy.

Superb Compatibility. Disk Drill may be used on virtually all operating systems for Mac and Windows.

Quick Scan is what you’ll need to do to recover data with metadata. It can recover deleted files Mac on file systems such as NTFS, FAT and HFS or HFS+, and even older ones, e.g., exFAT, FAT32 and FAT16.

Disk Drill

Deep Scan is the retrieval method of choice when there’s little file structure left. For example, you may have emptied your trash bin for days or weeks and suddenly realize that there’s an important file you need. In this case, Disk Drill will search for the file signatures you need and bring them back.

Pricing & Plans

Disk Drill offers three plans and licenses.

Basic. Afree license to use Disk Drill and undelete files. You can download it here.

Byte-to-byte backups can be set up in case of failing disks. Then, when you want to undelete protected date after you’ve installed Disk Drive, then it’s just a matter of going to Guaranteed Recovery or Recovery Vault, which gives you a higher rate of success in getting back your precious data.

Actual recovery will require you to upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise license.

Pro. The Pro version is priced at $89 and can be used for personal purposes such as recovering files from trash Mac. The license can be used on up to three computers. Moreover, you get unlimited recovery on any-sized file.

Enterprise. Enterprise version is priced at $499 and unlocks all software features. It gives you unlimited file recovery and installation on up to 10 computers. You also get top-level support for your business, company or enterprise.

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Disk Drill

To recover a deleted file for Mac, all you have to do is download Disk Drill, do a scan and see what files you can recover.

Step 1. Download Disk Drill

The first step is to head over to the Disk Drill website and download Disk Drill for macOS.

After the download is complete, find and run the diskdrill.img to open the file recovery app.

Step 2. Drag to Applications

Then, drag the icon to your Applications when told to do so. If you’re planning on getting back deleted files on an external storage, connect the device to your Mac.

Step 3. Launch Disk Drill

Launch Disk Drill to begin the process to undo empty Trash Mac. Give the tool permission by entering your Mac’s administrative password. Skip the part where you upgrade to the Pro to begin the scan. Wait a few minutes and review the scan results.

Found your deleted file? Upgrade to Pro and get it back ASAP.