Adonit NOTE-UVC Review

We all know how important it is to keep our hands clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. But did you know that your devices are also full of germs? That’s right, as we often use our devices outdoors, and we tend to forget that our devices may not be so clean.

Thanks to Adonit NOTE-UVC, now you can kill 99% germs on your devices when you write or draw in public.

Adonit NOTE-UVC Review

The Adonit NOTE-UVC is an Apple Pencil alternative, which you can use in these hard times. It’s also the world’s first EPA approved stylus. So basically EPA is to protect human health and the environment we live in.


It has very similar features to the Adonit Note+, but with an extra feature to kill all those germs on your iPad devices in one go.

It’s absolutely safe to use, and it even has a flip for power-off eye protection feature. So as soon as you flip the UV light, it powers off right away- keeping your eyes protected at all times.

It’s available for $69.99, which can be purchased on the official Adonit website.