So today, I will be sharing a review about the Adonit Pro 4. Before we get down to the review, I would like to thank the Adonit team for sending us a unit to write a review for our readers at iLounge.

Adonit Pro 4 Review

Let’s get down to the Adonit Pro 4 review.

What is the Adonit Pro 4 about?

Well, it’s actually a touch screen pen that works with any touch screen device. This means that you can use the Adonit Pro 4 on any tablet and a mobile phone device, no matter if it runs on Android or iOS.

Adonit Pro 4 with iPhone for review

What’s so special about the Adonit Pro 4?

Instead of having to use your fingers, the Adonit Pro 4 pen allows you to do almost anything on your touch screen device. Whether you are drawing, highlighting text, scrolling on social media, or simply typing up a text, the Adonit allows you to do it all.

Now I know you must be thinking, why not just use your fingers instead? Well, working with your fingers in the long run on a touch screen device can be very tiring and could feel as if your fingers are burning.

And when it comes to drawing, we all know how tiring and frustrating it can be to work with your fingers. The Adonit Pro 4 has you covered so you no longer feel the burns or tired when working on a touch screen device.

Adonit Pro 4 with iPad for review

It works just like any touch screen pens. But the best thing about the Adonit Pro 4 is that you never have to charge it. Yup! While the Apple Pencil and other touch screen pens require a daily charge, the Adonit Pro 4 doesn’t.

Just like any pen, it’s extremely light and is easy to carry around in your pocket.

Other touch screen pens work with specific devices. As a solution to that, the Adonit team developed this pen so you no longer have to carry a pen for your tablets and mobile phones separately. It works with all touch screen devices!

Our rating on the Adonit Pro 4

So your question must be, is it worth buying it? Well, for $29.99 I would definitely say a yes. It’s extremely affordable and gets work done with any issues.

For such a price and being able to use it with any touch screen device, I would definitely give it a 9/10 rating.


Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.