Liquid Avatar is the Avatar Creation App of the Future

Liquid Avatar is looking to shake things up with an app that allows you to create cool avatars that look just like you, with layers of protection designed to keep your personal information safe.

Liquid Avatar

Here’s our Liquid Avatar review.

Liquid Avatar- More Than Your Average Avatar Creator

Liquid Avatar is a tech-advanced avatar creator with several ‘layers’ of protection.

Liquid Avatar

Its first selling point is that you can create an avatar or a visual representation of you or something you want to be.

Afterwards, you can set up the visual tech icon to contain information that can be shared with others. It kind of works like a digital business card, but with greater control over who gets to see what information and more.

Verification is done via cloud and through a face scanner. You can also connect the avatar you make to verifiable credentials and digital wallets, among others.

Liquid Avatar style

Liquid Avatar Features

Digital Identity Protection

Liquid Avatar uses blockchain technology to secure your private data from people you don’t want to share your information with. You can create different icons for groups such as friends, school, social media, business, family and more.

Liquid Avatar Locker

You can make not just one, but many Liquid Avatars and store them in the Locker. It’s similar to a dashboard where you can add, update or change icons for personas you make.

It’s worth noting that the app has its own marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade custom icons with its own Digital Certificate of Authenticity. You can also have your avatar shown on goodies like water bottles, hoodies, shirts and more.

Augmented Reality

You can have an AR experience in your smartphone by having your Liquid Avatar participate in eLearning, GPS activities, virtual tourism and online events.

Should You Download Liquid Avatar?

Liquid Avatar is a unique app that incorporates the latest security technology so you can stay safe on the internet. On top of that, you can create your own avatar and have it contain personal information to share with friends, business contacts and others.

Liquid Avatar: Make Avatars & Protect Your Info is free on the App Store and Play Store. Download it today!

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