DooriGo App Review


DooriGo is a gentle reminder to keep in touch with family and friends. The app is unobtrusive yet plays a vital role for those who want to live an independent life.

DooriGo App

Take a look at how you can stay connected with our DooriGo App review.

What is DooriGo?

‘Foster a World without Isolation’ is DooriGo’s slogan. The app is a simplified tracker that has your personal safety in mind. In a nutshell, the user is given time intervals to ‘check-in’, or let the app know he or she’s okay or otherwise a notification is sent to contacts, e.g., close friends, relatives, and family members.

DooriGo is more than that. It has several flexible options so you won’t feel forced to check in every so often. The app lets you set the daily check-in time and specified period (anywhere from 6-72 hours), and there’s also an option to respond via text or put them on hold.

DooriGo Benefits

Stay Connected Even If You (or They) Are Far Away

It can be difficult and boring to hold a daily conversation via social media or SMS just to let people know you’re fine. You’ll have to open two or more apps and spend 10 to 15 minutes to do this without a dedicated app.

DooriGo updated contacts

With DooriGo, all you have to do is press a button and your loved ones will know you’re okay without having to have a conversation.

Greater Privacy

Unlike other GPS tracker apps, the user’s location won’t appear until they’ve missed the daily check-in, and if this happens only a certain number of people will gain access to the information.

The user can still maintain a high level of privacy while having a lifeline he or she can rely on.

Special Features

DooriGo has several special features, notably the Need2Know and Vacation Hold. Need2Know allows you to keep sensitive information hidden and away from prying eyes, including bank details, pet instructions, wills and more if you’re incapacitated, and only gets released to a trusted contact.

Vacation Hold lets you put the daily check-ins on hold for a specified time until you get back.

Try DooriGo free for 30 days and keep tabs on your loved ones without intruding on their privacy.

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