EZ Estate App Review

Estate planning is never easy, especially if there are a dozen or so aspects to think about. 

Enter EZ Estate, a modern app designed to protect your estate planning assets and finances.

EZ Estate App Review

Bill organization, funeral planning and estate concerns become more manageable with the app. Plus, it has a few bonuses that make it a worthwhile download.

EZ Estate App documents and records

EZ Estate – The Experience

After a quick download and install EZ Estate loads up. The interface is intuitive and the aesthetics were pleasant and simple.

Planning options per section are very detailed, to say the least. In the funeral plans, you can choose the music, clothes, cemetery, minister, flowers and more. On the ‘My Last Will’, you’re allowed to put in the attorney, attorney address and document location, among others.

Changing the data is as easy as opening the app and editing the information. EZ Estate is convenient and is quite useful for managing bills and accounts as well.

Financials are divided into My Retirement, My Business, Titles and Deeds and Banks so you won’t get confused. What we like about EZ Estate is how everything is within reach- just one or two clicks will get you where you need to go. There aren’t any ambiguous words or terms to confuse users.

EZ Estate App will and trust

Lastly, all the data in the app is protected via passcode for general information, and a time-sensitive passcode for when you’re accessing financial information. It only goes to show how the developers have its users’ best interests in mind in estate planning.

EZ Estate serves as an excellent complement to traditional estate planning. It’s great for putting down even the smallest detail that others think don’t matter much, but is truly important for the one who’s passed on.

Should You Get EZ Estate?

We wholeheartedly recommend EZ Estate for those who are thinking and planning ahead in their lives.

The hassles, complications, and uncertainty in traditional estate planning can get easier with the app. It’s very useful in a variety of ways and offers immense peace of mind for both the user and his or her family.

EZ Estate can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Try it today.

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