HealthChampion App Review

HealthChampion is a health record manager that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health.

Come check out our HealthChampion review and see why we recommend you to download it for free today.

HealthChampion App

Why Use HealthChampion?

HealthChampion is one of the first apps to offer a wide range of health-related features.

Aside from being a medical device and health fitness tracker (which means you can link and connect apps and wearables from Under Armour, Lumo, iHealth, Apple Health and more), the app contains your health records and medical data used in hospitals and clinics.

HealthChampion App in screenshot

With HealthChampion, you’ll have all your family’s medical data under one roof and can track them as easily as opening it when you need to. You can manage health care aspects such as tracking symptoms, prescription, and treatment for better outcomes.

What We Like About HealthChampion

Intuitive Interface, All-in-One Solution

HealthChampion keeps all your medical and health data in one platform. Not only that, but it supports health trackers and devices as well. Your e-health records, medication and prescription, profiles and activities are readily available in a single push of a button.

The fact that multiple profiles can be made (one for each family member) puts it head and shoulders above similar apps.

HealthChampion App on iPhone

Personal Health Pathways

HealthChampion acts as a newsfeed and program database you can use to get better. For instance, it has a COVID-19 pathway that provides up-to-date and curated information on actionable steps and tips that come from medical experts.

These health improvement pathways are designed by health and wellness professionals to help users achieve their goals, e.g., recovering from an operation, coping with a condition or losing weight. Each week you can get new content and helpful information that can come in handy.

Cloud Security

Lastly, HealthChampion has built-in cloud security to protect your personal and medical data. None of your records are stored in your device, thus avoiding potential attacks from malicious entities.

The great thing is that HealthChampion can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for free. If you need an app that can pull your health records from providers, hospitals, and clinics, this is the one to get.

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