HomePage Smart Contact App Review

Today we’ll be reviewing a smart contact, messaging, and networking list app called HomePage, which allows you to sync all your contacts across all platforms easily.

What is HomePage?

HomePage is a smart contact list app that effectively replaces your smartphone’s default contacts app.

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It’s cloud-based, which means all your list will be sent and kept updated so you won’t ever experience a wrong number ever again.

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Contact information will be consolidated into one platform, which means your business and personal cell numbers, work and personal email, connections and contacts are kept in one universal storage. It’s convenient, easy to use and gives you a few extra useful features.

HomePage Features

Contacts Manager

All contacts from all networks and lists will be kept under one platform. It’s constantly updated and goes both ways- your contacts will be able to see your number and email address as you change them. Furthermore, you will now be able to connect via MyCard QR Code.


HomePage is somewhat a mini social media manager in that your connections will be able to see updates and posts you put in your wall.

Text Messenger

HomePage also has a built-in messaging system for chatting and conversing with the people in your contact list.

The app allows for a variety of functions, including being able to mark a conversation as important, flag for inappropriate or delete them altogether.

HomePage Smart Contact information


As an all-in-one app HomePage allows for quick and easy collaboration. You can add connections or contacts and network within classmates, colleagues and others.

HomePage can be as personal or as businesslike as you want. Your Wall can be used as a bridge to connect with friends and family or to establish a professional network within your industry.

HomePage is less than 100MB and won’t take up a lot of space in your smartphone. It’s available on Google Play for Android mobiles and App Store for iPhones, iPads and iOS devices.

Is HomePage a Worthy App Download?

HomePage isn’t just for business people who want a consolidated contacts list. It’s also useful for those who want to keep a close relationship with the people who matter to them. 

Download HomePage Smart Contact App from Apple App Store
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