Jury is a unique app that offers an innovative way to resolve disputes. If you don’t want to end an argument with ‘let’s agree to disagree’, check out our Jury App review and see how it works.

Jury App

What is Jury: Resolve Disputes Online App?

The Jury app describes itself as a platform where you can ‘settle cases in virtual court’.

Imagine a virtual courtroom with 12 other people acting as jury to judge your case. The jury are peers that can help you resolve issues or make you understand. It’s an alternative for when you don’t want to file a lawsuit.

The app may be used in a variety of ways, from contracts, disagreements, monetary claims and more. Jury is more than just a simple app though, with these features:

Jury App virtual courtroom

Jury App Features

Online Litigation

Just like a virtual courtroom, you can submit relevant information and evidence for others to see. You can also present an argument as to why you think you should win. The app allows the other party to present their case as well.

Dispute Resolution

Jury can resolve a variety of conflicts and arguments, personal, business or otherwise. It’s a solid app in that you can use it on just about any situation where two parties can’t agree on one thing.

Virtual Jury

The ‘jury’ in the app may be assigned randomly or selected by the two parties. They will hear your argument, discuss the finer points and choose a verdict.

Jury App evidence uploading

Jury is free to download and comes with a subscription of $4.99 per month. It’s worthy to note that the verdicts themselves are purely for personal matters and are not legally binding.

All in all, Jury is easy to use, and presenting your case is simple. It’s a great and fun way to have someone else decide on what you should do when an argument arises.


Jury: Conflict Resolution is an excellent app to resolve minor disputes. Those who want to experience settling disputes in a virtual courtroom should definitely give Jury a try. Post a case, select your jurors and get an answer by the set deadline. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Jury App Review
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