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Politics enthusiasts and avid followers will find a lot to like with MOXY Elections News Trending Politics Voter Issues.


The unique, all-in-one app serves as your central platform for all things politics, including live streams and interacting with fellow users.

What is Moxy?

Moxy is an app that’s super easy to use and contains just about everything you need in the world of politics.

Those who are using several medium to follow the political landscape, e.g., TV, poll apps and forums will find Moxy to be a convenient resource.

Here’s a list of what’s included when you download Moxy:

Election Results. Get election results across national, regional and local levels. Learn more about candidates and ballot measures and other useful information.

Polling and Politics. Stand up and be heard! You can participate in various polling apps and surveys regarding current issues, or engage in health care concerns and get the latest updates from representatives and community leaders.

Debate and Discourse. There’s also a forum for those who’d love to discuss important topics. Here, you can send messages to participating reps and politicians or express your point of view in dozens of active sessions at any given time.

Laws and Legislation. You can view current or upcoming laws and read about what it can mean for you, your city or state.

forums and podcasts on MOXY

Benefits of Using Moxy

Moxy has a unique newsfeed system that gives you a collection of news and topics every day. It’s non-partisan, which means it’s open for those who love to discuss politics regardless of affiliation.

Moxy’s aggregation and republishing system is exceptional. You get timely and relevant news as it happens. Some notable sources include NPR, Google Civic Information, OpenStates, Ballotpedia, and more. Simply open the app during your preferred time and all the content you view will be updated.

Last but not the least, Moxy is convenient as it’s a political app, polling, and forum platform. Not only that, but you get a live stream and podcast player as well. If you’re tired of having to switch between different sources just to get your political fix, then Moxy is the answer.

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