My Wow Memories App is all you need for creating movies

My WOW Memories is an easy to use movie maker app that combines all your favourite videos and photos of a memory, event or occasion and turns it into a ‘best of’ montage. In this My Wow Memories review, we reveal the features that make it a must-download.

My Wow Memories – The Experience

After watching a short introductory video on the app’s official YouTube channel. We downloaded the app and chose the free to use option.

My Wow Memories

It’s worthy to note that MWM is free forever, with several quality-of-life features for subscribers. You’ll be able to create movies and groups for people who you recently met and experienced an event in.

My Wow Memories takes the videos and photos you’ve shared, and with a simple option creates a highlight reel that seems like it’s done by a professional. It’s an impressive feat and shows how far technology has come in making things easier.

My Wow Memories App in screenshots

The movie you made can then be uploaded and shared in a group. Others can do the same, whether it be a photo, video or their own My WOW Memories creation.

My Wow Memories is only available on the App Store and seamlessly imports content you have on your iPhone or iPad. The movies it churns out is easily the app’s highlight and remarkably impressive in its own right.

My Wow Memories - Should You Download It?

My Wow Memories – Should You Download It?

If you’ve always wanted to make your own video to highlight memories and key moments in your life, or just as a collage to a recent event, such as a birthday, but don’t want to learn Photoshop and other video editing apps then MWM is definitely for you.

The monthly subscription is reasonable and offers multiple benefits, such as access to the app’s music, the removal of watermarks and video ads, and the ability to share videos and photos without limitations.

Instead of just a mess of pics and videos of an event, you can organize it and share your creation to people who’ve participated. It drums up interest and makes for an excellent conversation starter.

Download the My Wow Memories App