NannyHunt: Your Go-To Platform for Finding A Local Sitter


It can be quite difficult to make time to care for a child with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. For this reason, a nanny or babysitter can fill in the need, allowing you to work and earn money for your family.

NannyHunt: Your Go-To Platform for Finding A Local Sitter

It goes without saying that only the best nannies should be left alone with your baby or child, but you may not have the time to screen them or train them about proper care.

Enter NannyHunt, a nanny finder app that gives you everything you’ll need to find the perfect babysitter. Discover the app’s best features in this NannyHunt review.

Comprehensive Caregiver Network

NannyHunt is unlike other childcare apps in that it’s connected to social media. The app uses your connections on social media platforms to give you the highest-rated nannies your friends have had.

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The app gives guardians a background on how a particular babysitter performed and how they are remembered by their past clients. You’ll be able to tap into a large network of possible child caretakers for your loved one, whether it be a full-time position or just a few hours for the night as you go on a date with your spouse.

Profile and Review Checks

This feature works just like a background check, only that it’s done by the people you know. You can view the nanny’s profile, work history and experience with previous clients. Parents who have hired their services can leave reviews to help other parents in need.

In-App Messaging

Ratings and reviews in-app reduce the time needed to interview a possible candidate. You can simply pick the one that has the highest rating or the one with the most experience, then connect via messaging in-app.

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Once they’re hired, you can send messages in-app to see how your child or baby is doing.

App Availability & Pricing

NannyHunt is a reliable childcare app that gives you innovative technology and tools to locate the best possible nanny in your location. The app is available as a free download on the App Store and Play Store. To fully unlock the features you will need to spend some money via cashless transactions. It’s convenient, secure and none of your data is shared to other third parties.

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