NeedUNow App Review


What if there was a way to get any alert, notification or message read no matter the recipient phone’s status?


It can be truly useful in both business and personal aspects.

We review an app called NeedUNow, one of the latest contact tools you can download today.

Downloading and Installing

The process is the same for the iPhone and Android mobiles- head to your respective app store and download NeedUNow. Then, sync your contacts and set who you want to alert.

NeedUNow in Action

The messaging app works quite well on the iPhone. The developers mention there won’t be any discrepancy or lag even if you send an emergency message to an Android phone from your iPhone, and vice versa. We like how the app itself is fast and there’s absolutely zero clutter.

NeedUNow works better than expected- it can override Silent modes on smartphones and there isn’t any lag in communication, either. We tried sending an alert to another device halfway across the state and the recipient got it in less than a minute. More importantly, the mobile had an audible sound even when he had it in Silent and Do Not Disturb.

The app is snappy and doesn’t lag even on low-end phones, which can be a bonus for those who have aged folks. If your parents are still using devices from 5 or 7 years ago, you’re in luck- NeedUNow works on older operating systems and even ones that have 512mb memory.

NeedUNow app notifications

NeedUNow Benefits

The app shines in instances where it’s absolutely necessary for messages to be read by the recipient.

NeedUNow can easily bypass most ‘do not disturb’ protocols so your spouse, loved ones or employees will be alerted to any important messages and still enjoy a device that doesn’t call for your attention every 5 minutes.

It guarantees peace of mind knowing your family members will be alerted to a time-sensitive event such as an accident or emergency, for example.

Why You Should Download NeedUNow Today

We recommend you trying NeedUNow, especially if emergency contacts are a part of you or a family member’s everyday life. The app size is relatively lightweight and won’t impose a toll on your device, making it the perfect communication app that can get you in touch when you need it most.

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