NeuraBoot: A Self-Care App You Can Rely On

NeuraBoot is a kind of emotional support app to help you deal with your feelings.

There’s quite a few interesting concepts and features that you may like, including a mood tracker, tips on dealing with everyday stress and the ability to form real connections with friends.

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NeuraBoot’s phrase is ‘rebooting your well-being and emotional health’ with five things- Fuel, Challenge, Awareness, Connections, and Energy Release.

It’s not a straight-up emotional help guide where you can just choose a category in a non-personalized way. Depending on your mood, state or what you’re feeling, NeuraBoot can intelligently guide you to a specific answer that gives you release, followed by a feeling that something heavy has been lifted from your shoulders.

NeuraBoot Features

Emotional Support

The app can be useful when you need the help of your family and friends. Pressing the panic button alerts your support system and lets them know that you’re going through a tough time. You’ll be able to connect with them anytime as long as they’re online.

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Mood Management

NeuraBoot has a collection of self-care and self-awareness tips, methods and techniques to alleviate loneliness, anxiety attacks, depression and others. One way to distract you from wallowing in negative feelings is to take ‘actionable steps’, which the app provides.

Some tips provided for the NeuraBoot app.

In a way, the sense of dread and stress can potentially be replaced by focus and motivation. There’s nothing like having a goal, however simple to, give you a feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes, all you need is a boost in confidence to get out of a slump. Before, there wasn’t any way to do that, but now you can just by opening the app.

Emotion Manager

Aside from actionable steps, the app gives you a diary or journal so you’ll have a virtual soundboard to bounce your emotions off on. You can set your mood each day and track it across the week or even a month.

Better yet, the emotional manager aspect of NeuraBoot allows you to see your progress from the time you installed the app up to the present. You can get motivated when you see an upward trend, even when you feel down every day.

NeuraBoot is free to download and has a subscription-based service.

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