Ever wanted to give your boss some ‘mad props’, or receive one for yourself? Moreover, how would you like to turn those praises into something tangible, like real-life rewards?

Props Love

Props Love is an app that allows these things within a positive, motivational network. Come see our Props Love review and read up on the features and benefits.

Good Customer Service? Props Love

Excellent customer service is now more than just receiving merits and commendations. With Props Love, you can get more tangible rewards such as feedback, reviews, personal notes and ultimately, gift cards you can use to buy items.

You, your boss or a customer can download the app and send reviews in a more personal version of Yelp!, which can help increase motivation and productivity in the workplace. Spread love and others will be encouraged to perform their best.

Props Love Features

Props Love Features

Customer Service Profile

Your profile, which displays the kudos, reviews and ‘strengths’ you’ve received. The positive feedback can keep you moving forward and help with motivational aspects.

The reviews and feedback you receive can be kept and be used as a resume builder to ascend the corporate or customer service ladder. It’s a solid metric you can keep as it includes what other people think of your service.

Feedback and Props

There are plenty of ways to spread the love- via customer feedback, sharing kind words, recognizing good service and sending ‘props’ for the hardworking people in your organization.

Props Love can be the catalyst for a better organization. Positive reinforcement works, and a handy app like Props Love can be the facilitator to make these things happen.

Props Love Gift Cards


Rewards are one way to continue the good work. As you accumulate Props Points with positive feedback you can exchange them for real rewards.

Gifts are given in-app so you won’t have to download or install another software. You can also check how many points you have and see what gift cards are available anytime.

Is Props Love Worth Your Love?

The app’s unique review mechanism and rewards system is one-of-a-kind, which merits a download in itself. It’s a motivational tool that can encourage positive growth within the workplace or customer service frontline, and it’s available on both iOS and Android. Try it today!

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Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.