Solitaire Time Warp Review


If there’s ever an exciting form of the classic card game Solitaire, this would be it. Solitaire Time Warp – #1 Solitaire Adventure Game has modernized Solitaire and has managed to make it better than ever!

Solitaire Time Warp Review

Check out this Solitaire Time Warp review and see what notable features are included.

Solitaire Time Warp – What’s Different?

Almost everyone knows how traditional Solitaire works, but what can you expect with Solitaire Time Warp?

The game manages to squeeze in a ton of fun features while still retaining the core mechanics that make Solitaire so addictive. Yes, you can play the game on solo mode but now you’re traveling through time and chasing a cat through space.

So, instead of the same old boring green felt background you’re now treated with dazzling visuals of places such as the Lost City of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and China, among others.

Solitaire Time Warp Startup Review

What’s more, you can play Solitaire with unique in-game challenges and obstacles like card eaters, bombs and locks. There are special cards such as plus-five and wilds, as well as streak meters, free plays and coins to spend on unlockables. The scenery, audio and music changes each time you play on a new setting.

Solitaire Time Warp – What Stays The Same?

The magic of Solitaire remains the same in Solitaire Time Warp. Arrange the cards in ascending order and in suits, e.g., heart, diamond, club and clover and you win when everything’s stacked neatly.

Some of the card games you’ll play are Yukon Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, Klondike and classic Solitaire. One of the pleasures in Solitaire Time Warp is when you’re exploring and learning how to play a new mode of Solitaire at the same time.

The Verdict

All in all, the amount of content you’ll play through Solitaire Time Warp – #1 Solitaire Adventure Game should last you a good week or two. What’s great is the fact that the developers are constantly adding in new levels for those who have already completed all the worlds in the game. You won’t ever feel bored, thanks to an ever-changing plethora of creative quests and bonuses.

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