Soone App Makes it Easy to Find Real-Life Connections

Most social connections apps fall short when it comes to finally facilitating real life meetings in a positive match. However, one app strives to improve this aspect, with several features that improve interaction and safety.

Soone App

Let’s take a look at Soone and what it has to offer in this Soone review.

Soone App

What is Soone?

Soone is a new social app designed to take you to the next step, which is meeting real people face to face.

Instead of being ‘just another social app’, Soone does away with the endless swiping and actually focuses on the interaction aspect. Its motto is to ‘get you off your phone’ and connect with people in real life scenarios.

Soone App screenshots

Although there’s a robust chat feature, the ultimate goal of Soone users is to forge friendships, romantic meetings and professional networks within a platform. The way the app and developers do it is pretty neat, and you enjoy a higher chance of actually going out and meeting a person in a public location.

Soone Features and Benefits

No More Catfishing

Soone has a comprehensive verification process to ensure the profile of a person is who they really are. The app utilizes an algorithm to determine authenticity on the first picture uploaded via camera roll or live snapshots.

Safe and Pre-Checked Public Locations

Safe and Pre-Checked Public Locations

Soone has a unique feature where a ‘hotspot’ is created when it’s within a one-mile radius among users. These public locations are usually cafes, bars and restaurants and have been pre-screened for safety purposes.

Meet Real People

You can change your profile to match your needs, whether you’re looking for a friend, a relationship or someone in your industry or niche. What separates Soone from the other social connection apps is that you can change your profile however you want and have only a single one for all three aspects.

Should You Try the Soone App?

Those who wish to get more out of their social connections online should try Soone. It has several features that allow you to get off your couch and start meeting people in real life. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms- try Soone today.

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