Spotty Time App Review

Spotty Time is a reward-based screen time lock app that’s fairly simple to operate and install.

Take a look at our Spotty Time review and see how it can help you become more productive and keep your children safe from too much time on the internet.

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How Does Spotty Time Work?

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Parents can set screen time limit per day and add time limits as needed.

Spotty Time has pre-set buttons for quick locks when it’s needed. The app will block access automatically when the time frames come.

Time spent offline will give the device user coins to spend on aesthetic upgrades.

Spotty Time Features

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Limit Screen Time

Spotty Time is first and foremost a screen time app that sets how much one can spend on his or her phone. To this end the app works great and has a number of options you can enforce the ‘no phone’ rule.

Aside from locking the whole phone the app can also block specific apps, including social media and games. Spotty Time has a fairly good anti-tamper protocol so your kids won’t be able to manipulate it to get extra time.

Screen Time Management

Aside from real time blocking Spotty can also set the time limits throughout the week or during certain time frames.

For example, you can set a lock beginning 9pm until 6am the next day for weekdays. Set the control to do this every week and you won’t have to manually set it after that.

Reward-Based System

What sets Spotty Time apart from other parental control apps is its rewards system that’s based on how much time the device was offline.

The coins you earn may be used to unlock customization options such as gear, in-app pictures and to buy pets in-app. It’s a welcome change in the parental control genre where the users are rewarded for following offline time.

Not Just for Kids

Adults can also benefit from having Spotty Time on their phones. It can help curb distractions and notifications from popping up, which means you can get more work done.

The app also blocks addictive apps and improves one’s self control. Anyone can use Spotty Time and enjoy their offline activities more.

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