TRYO – Where Online Shopping Meets AR

Augmented reality meets online shopping with TRYO, a new app that’s designed to answer the age-old question, ‘will this hat look great on me?’ Today we’ll be reviewing TRYO’s features and how it’s different from the rest.

What is TRYO – Virtual AR Try On App?

TRYO is an app that makes you feel like you’re in a mall or store, trying on different glasses, shoes, watches, and hats, among others. However, unlike traditional shopping, you’ll be ‘trying out’ items in the comfort of your own home.


The magic behind TRYO is augmented reality that’s super realistic and lifelike. The virtual 3D product is spot-on and allows users to browse through hundreds of styles for their next getup.

TRYO Features

TRYO Features

No Complicated Processes

The TRYO app is easy and intuitive- just open the app, give it camera permission and choose the item you want to try. The product will appear as a 3D AR object so you can see what it’s like if you’re actually wearing it.

Hundreds of Products to Try

Users can browse through hundreds of items and accessories, including shades or glasses, hats, wrist watches, and shoes. Some of these will be coming from popular brands and trending fashion, and you won’t ever run out of things to try. 

Search for Trending Styles Across Brands

Instead of having to visit every brand you want to shop clothes and accessories for, you can just download TRYO and all the fashion companies will be there. You can even check out the ‘Trending’ section and get the look you want in just one place.

TRYO Products


TRYO takes out the guesswork in online shopping as you’ll have an idea of how it will look like before you tap the ‘buy’ button. It’s convenient since you can shop anytime at home without having to commute or dress up.

The Bottom Line – Should You Download TRYO?

TRYO is definitely worth the download as it presents a unique way to shop for clothes and your next style online. The way it integrates augmented reality is smart, and having access to the most popular fashion brands makes it all the easier for consumers.

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