TrypScore App Review

Before TrypScore there wasn’t a way to reward good behaviour on the road other than not getting into an accident or suffering from an injury.

Being a safe driver has its merits, and more so with TrypScore. We give the app a shot and write about it in our TrypScore review.

TrypScore App Review

What is TrypScore?

At the time of writing, TrypScore is only available in the US and Canada.

TrypScore is an app you can download on your smartphone. It acts like a driver monitoring device that checks how well you drive by measuring the ride smoothness, acceleration and if there were any sudden braking. The app will also check to see if you kept using your phone while on the road.

TrypScore screenshots

At the end of a trip, the app provides a score based on how well you did, and gives you corresponding rewards and prizes.

Why Download TrypScore?

The more pertinent answer is, why not? TrypScore is free, and if you’re a safe driver then you might as well run it in the background and get rewards.

High scores will net you entry into contests and rewards, such as prizes and gift cards, as well as deals and discounts among others.

Every good score will bring you closer to jackpots, and the app itself is home to various activities such as Weekly Missions, Daily Tryvia and bragging rights courtesy of a leaderboard.

TrypScore in close up

The app is smart enough to recognize when you’re driving and when you’re at your destination. It’s a simple matter of opening it and letting it do its trick.

TrypScore will be available in more regions, but as of today, the others are on a waitlist. You can get added to the list with a chance to win the ‘Drive Free for a Year’ promo.

Should You Try TrypScore?

Positive reinforcement is always welcome, especially when it comes to making the roads a safer place for commuters. TrypScore incentivizes this and makes driving fun and exciting.

TrypScore is free to download on the App Store and Play Store, although Canadians and those in America will only be the ones to be able to use it. Hopefully, it will expand to other regions quickly.

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