Review: Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand by [Fuse]Chicken

If you are fed up with Apple’s iPhone Lightning Dock, you may really want to check out the wireless charging stand called “Gravity Lift” by [Fuse]Chicken.

Before we get down to the review, I would like to thank the [Fuse]Chicken team for sending us a unit to write a review for our readers at iLounge.

This is the original Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand by FuseChicken.

So what’s so special about the Gravity Lift Wireless Charging Stand?

Honestly, after charging my iPhone with the Gravity Lift wireless charging stand for a couple of months now, I can happily say that it’s definitely worth buying.

While Apple’s iPhone Lightning Dock can be a little annoying when placing your device on the dock, the Gravity Lift removes all that stress away.

The stand is actually made of aluminum which gives it an extremely lightweight and a luxury look.

This is the fuse chicken gravity lift wireless charger with an iPhone 11 Pro.

The area where you place your phone has premium quality leather that keeps your phone in place. So you won’t need to worry about your phone slipping left or right.

Since high-quality materials are used on the Gravity Lift wireless charging stand, it gives the overall stand a luxury look and feels.

Most wireless charging stands are made of plastic, which gives it a boring look. But not with the Gravity lift at all.

Is it worth buying?

For $59, I would definitely say a yes! I would give the Gravity Lift wireless charging stand a rating of 10/10.

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