If you are someone who is always travelling, then you may want to consider the [FUSE]Chicken UNIVERSAL. It’s an All-In-One travel charger that allows you to charge almost any device wirelessly, or via a USB-A cable, or a USB-C cable.

[FUSE]Chicken UNIVERSAL Review

It’s super handy and lightweight, which makes it easy during travel. The best thing about the [FUSE]Chicken UNIVERSAL is that it also has a built-in 6700mAh powerbank. That’s right! So whenever there is no power supply to plug your device for charging, you can always get some battery juice from this All-In-One travel charger.


It comes with a small pocket that allows you to carry your charger, along with world travel adapters for the US, EU, UK and AU.

The product is available for only $84.95, which can be purchased directly from [FUSE]Chicken official website here.


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