UGREEN 65W GaN Charger Review


We usually have a mess of wires and adapters lying about on our work desks and tables, a cost of living in a mostly tech-laden, digital world. This is when a product like UGREEN All in One 4Port 65W Charger comes handy. One less adapter means less clutter, which can help with organization and productivity overall.


In our UGREEN 65W GaN Charger review we talk about the features, put the lightest and smallest multi-function product through its paces, and reveal the reasons why you should fund it on Indiegogo.

UGREEN All-in-One 65W 4Port 3C1A GaN PD Charger Features

UGREEN 65W GaN with 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A

65W Fast Charging

The UGREEN adapter is rated 65W fast charging on up to four devices, and it has a revolutionary GaN technology for efficient charging.

GaN is a type of breakthrough semiconductor material that makes the UGREEN charger lighter and powers up almost all known devices in their respective charging protocols without compromising safety.

Supports All Apple Devices

UGREEN 65W GaN with the Apple iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

It’s the one charger that rules them all- you won’t need to bring or plug in bulky adapters for your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Universal compatibility means you can also use any of the four ports for your Nintendo Switch, AirPods Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and DSLR camera.

Safe Charging

GaN technology allows for safe charging on the UGREEN adapter’s 3 USB C and one USB A ports. Internal temperature will not exceed 80 degrees C while the housing won’t exceed 50 degrees C.

Small and Light

UGREEN 65W GaN size with a card

Most AiO chargers we’ve used are bigger and bulkier than their standard adapter counterparts, but not the UGREEN 3C1A. It weighs only 165 grams, which is around the weight of toilet paper and its size is roughly a pack of playing cards.

Testing the UGREEN 4Port GaN Adapter

We tested the all-in-one adapter on a MacBook, an iPad, iPhone and a printer (for the USB A) and found the results impressive.

After a few minutes of taking the respective device adapters off the power strip, the UGREEN GaN charger was plugged in. We were curious on just how well the product worked and if it really could provide enough power to fast charge each device appropriately, so we checked and timed each device as they went from 20 percent to 80 percent.

Both iPhone and iPad charged up 15 to 25 minutes faster than their standard wall charger counterparts, while the MacBook took equal time. We like how the UGREEN adapter was able to power up the MacBook just fine and still have enough to fast charge the Apple devices.

Taking things to the next level, we unplugged the printer and took turns charging a Nintendo Switch Lite, an Apple Watch and AirPods Pro. They all juiced up to their respective rates without so much affecting the other ones that were plugged in.

Also, the adapter was able to handle the heat stress well and it didn’t feel hot to the touch even with the max 65W load. The small compact design is a nice addition to an already stellar hardware.

Final Verdict- Should You Fund the UGREEN All in One GaN PD Charger?

Men using the UGREEN 65W GaN on a MacBook

A utility hardware like the UGREEN 65W GaN adapter is arguably the future of chargers. It definitely makes sense to aim for all-in-ones that can power up and charge all modern devices, which is what UGREEN is all about.

Charger innovations like a smaller footprint, GaN technology and safe charging aspects separate the 3C1A from the rest of the all-in-one pack. Universal compatibility means it’s updated to work on all new devices, including MacBooks, Switch Lites, the AirPods Pro, DLSRs and drones.

Best of all, it’s currently only $37 which makes it an insta-buy!

If you like what you’ve read, consider funding the UGREEN 65W Fast Charger project on Indiegogo. We also like to take this time to thank the UGREEN team for sending us a unit to share a review with our readers.

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