VideoProc Review: A Trusted Video Editing & Converting Software with Full GPU Acceleration


These days having a video editing and converting software is a must-have, especially for those who constantly upload to the web or consume a lot of content on all their devices.

VideoProc Review: A Trusted Video Editing & Converting Software with Full GPU Acceleration

While 4K video is second to none, the file size leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll need a handy 4K video converter to change all your videos to the ones that are compatible on almost any platform.

4K video processors must be robust and have a lot of features, and most of all do the job they’re supposed to- convert any video while maintaining high quality and smooth playback.

VideoProc is a versatile, all-in-one converter software that can handle any conversion or editing task you may have. With it, you’ll be able to edit, process and convert large, HD and 4K videos and keep the original quality and change all video formats to the one you need.

Let’s explore all the features in this VideoProc review.

Why Choose VideoProc?

VideoProc is a tool that can edit and convert videos. It can reduce the file size and post-process any video, among other things. VideoProc supports any file format regardless of whether the video is from an action cam, a CCTV device or your smartphone.

Unique Level 3 GPU Acceleration

VideoProc Review:  A Trusted Video Editing & Converting Software with Full GPU Acceleration

VideoProc’s claim to fame is the fact that it can maximize your computer’s hardware and accelerate the editing and conversion process.

Hardware acceleration provides VideoProc users the advantage over other conversion software and allows for faster resizing, conversion and editing work. You’ll be able to get things done sooner while still having resources to multi-task.

Even 4K videos can be completed faster with VideoProc. The software’s algorithm prevents common conversion issues such as overheating, too much CPU load and crashing. Your CPU’s temperature will be modulated and you run less risk of thermal damage.



You won’t have to remember the output format for converting videos as VideoProc has a few dozen presets for you to use.

The editing and conversion experience is seamless as there’s virtually no crashing or freezing. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Vegas are very powerful but they can be very intimidating to use.

Lightweight, Yet Robust

VideoProc is unlike your typical editing software in that it doesn’t consume as much computer resources. Regular computers should be able to run the platform and convert with ease even when you’re working on a unit with less RAM and CPU.

On the website, it says that you can run VideoProc on minimal specifications- 1GB of memory, 1 GHz AMD or Intel processor and 200MB of disk space.

All-in-One Software for Converting & Editing Videos

VideoProc is an editing tool and conversion software that can convert any video to popular formats, including MKV to MP4, iPhone, 4K and others. It supports 370-plus input codecs and 420-plus output formats, with retained quality or better.

All-in-One Software for Converting & Editing Videos

What we like about VideoProc is that it only takes 3 steps to convert audio and video from start to finish. Also, you won’t need to install a whole suite and bog down your computer just to enhance, add subtitles or effects, flip, rotate, resize, merge, trim and cut gifs, videos, etc. while gaining the ability to correct A/V sync, adjust speed, correct lens distortion, fix footage and denoise content.

Processing Slow-Motion, Large-Sized 4K Videos

VideoProc shines in instances where you need to handle 4K videos. Any large-sized formats, including MKV, M2TS, HEVC and MP4, and 4K from 30 to 240fps in H.264, HEVC and others, and 1080p in 240 and 3D videos won’t pose any problems.

Speeds Up Processing on AMD, NVIDIA and Intel QSV Hardware

Speeds Up Processing on AMD, NVIDIA and Intel QSV Hardware

Original video quality will be mostly intact when you use VideoProc, thanks to industry-leading rendering engine and deinterlacing technology. As a result, full GPU acceleration using AMD, Intel and NVIDIA hardware makes short work of even large-sized, 4K videos. At the very least, it’s 5x faster than the leading conversion software.

Codec Support

All DVDs with audio or video content can be converted into any format with 350-plus codecs and 400-plus output formats. You can change 3D to 2D, upscale to 720 or 1080 or downscale from 4K to 720 or 1080p resolution, among others.

Practical Video Solution

VideoProc Review:  A Trusted Video Editing & Converting Software with Full GPU Acceleration

VideoProc is credible as it comes from a trusted and reputable developer. It’s a media converter, a recorder, an editor and a downloader in one easy-to-use package. You can download videos, audio and, channels and playlists in batches, and record your screen on iOS and desktop platforms.

Getting started is easy. Here’s a tutorial video for you:

Give VideoProc a Try Today

You won’t think twice about adding VideoProc to your repertoire of software as it doesn’t take up space and can handle a wide variety of video editing and converting tasks.

It’s robust enough to handle anything, including 4K video editor processing and conversions that come your way. The GPU acceleration alone makes editing videos a snap, even on lower-end or mid-end machines.

VideoProc is a great balance of functionality and ease of use. Experience efficient conversions and video editing with the free trial, then get yourself a license to access the full features of VideoProc anytime.


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