Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter Review

If you are looking for a power adapter that can fast charge your iPhone, iPad or MacBook device, the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter might just be your solution. We would like to thank the Xcentz team for sending as a unit and allowing us to share a review with our readers here at iLounge.

So, what is the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter about?

It’s actually a USB-C power adapter that allows you to fast charge your tablets, mobile phones, and laptops from a single adapter.

Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter

All you need is a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge your iPhone and iPad devices and a USB-C to USB-C to charge your latest MacBook Air/Pro.

It’s 25% smaller than MacBook’s charger

A hand holding the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter

That’s right, you don’t have to carry your big MacBook Pro charging cables/adaptors with you when traveling anymore. Thanks to Xcentz, the power adapter is 25% smaller than Apple’s 60W MacBook Pro charger.

To fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro, it would only take 2½ hours – which is extremely fast for its compact size.

Anti-Slip design

A close up of the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter

If you got sweaty or oily hands, worry no more! Xcentz has given the power adaptor an anti-slip design on the sides that gives you a good grip when removing it from a wall socket. Therefore, it won’t slip from your hands easily. No one wants their adaptors to slip out of their hands and break during travel, do we?

Fire-proof materials used

Most power adaptors heat up due to the electricity passing by. When low-quality materials are used in an adaptor, it could actually melt due to the heat and possibly start a fire. For your safety, Xcentz has used Fire-proof materials on its 45W USB-C Power Adapter.

Downsides of the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter

Front side of the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter

Is it worth buying it?

Despite having to buy the charging cables separately, for $25, I can honestly say that it’s still worth buying. The materials used are of extremely good quality and can easily be carried in any small bag or pocket due to its small compact size.

For the devices it can charge at a time, I would rate the Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Adapter a rating of 8/10.

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