The Apple AirTag 4 Pack is $11 Off

Apple AirTag

Apple’s AirTag is super useful in more ways than one. Today, the 4-pack variant is down to just $88.99 from its original price of $100 on Amazon. Keep track of your essential devices and items with the AirTag. It’s powered by the Find My network and goes great with the iPhone. If you don’t want […]

Vancouver car thieves get smart, ditch found AirTag


Tech savvy car thieves are getting wind of Apple’s tracker, as a recent attempt to recover a stolen vehicle have been unsuccessful. Becca Hislop discovered on Sunday that her car was beset by a thief. However, she was careful about her investment and left an AirTag. Hislop used the AirTag and watched as it moved […]

Get Your AirTag at Just $25 Today

Apple AirTag

The AirTag is a very useful tool for those who want to keep track of their valuables at all times. Today, the Apple AirTag is down to just $25 from its original price of $29 on Amazon. With its small and compact size, the AirTag can practically fit anywhere. The versatile tracker can be attached […]

AirTag 2 might see a 2025 launch


Rumors have surfaced online about a second-generation AirTag appearing in 2025. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first iterated that there would be a new AirTag model if the tracker ‘were a hit’. Kuo then repeated his prediction after the AirTag saw a resounding success, but then claims that he’s not basing the report from supply chain sources. […]

Make Your Essential Items Trackable with the Discounted Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Apple AirTag

You’ve probably read news about Apple AirTags saving the day in lost possessions. Today, it’s your turn to get the tracker’s benefits. Today, the Apple AirTag 4-Pack is down to just $84.99 from its original price of $100 on Amazon. The Apple AirTag is the tracker item of choice, especially for those who own an […]

Get a Handy AirTag For Only $25

Apple AirTag

Apple’s AirTag is a handy accessory not just for travelers but for everyone who wants to keep track of their essential items. Today, it’s down to just $25 from its original price of $29 on Amazon. An AirTag’s primary use is to keep track of your items. If you’re constantly misplacing or looking for your […]

Apple AirTag instrumental in Turkey relief donation scam


Apple’s tracking device has uncovered a scam where donated items were resold in the market in Mexico. In February, AirTags were used to reveal a similar case where donated sneakers to be recycled were exported and resold. Now in Mexico, the same thing has occurred but in Mexico. Earthquake relief donations were mishandled and instead […]

Reinforce and Make Your AirTags Tamper-Resistant with the Discounted TagVault Surface AirTag Case


An AirTag surface mount is an excellent companion to your AirTags. Today, the TagVault Surface AirTag case is down to just $11.50 from its original price of $13 on Amazon. How does an ‘indestructible AirTag surface mount’ sound? With the TagVault Surface, you can affix your AirTags to bikes, equipment, trailers, vehicles, and ATVs, just […]

AirTag reveals location of carjacked vehicle in Washington


Multiple AirTags helped a family recover their car after the vehicle got carjacked. A Washington, D.C. family was featured in a recent ABC7 News after having their car stolen. Fortunately for them, there were several AirTag devices hidden. Sean Setter said in an interview that a man came up to him as he was unloading […]

AirTag stops potential grand theft auto in Chicago


CWBChicago recently reported a foiled car theft attempt with an AirTag. The news said that a carjacking attempt failed when the suspect discovered the vehicle to run on a manual transmission. He did not know how to drive a stick and carried the victim’s keys which had an AirTag. Andrew Moran, 25, said that he […]

Apple releases new AirTag accessories and Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands

Apple revealed a range of new Apple Watch bands alongside new Silicone Cases and AirTag accessories. The Solo Loop now comes in Purple Fog, Olive, Canary Yellow, and Sprout Green, while the Sport Band lineup now includes Olive, Bright Orange, and Sky. As for the Braided Solo Loop, there are new colors Olive, Purple Fog, […]

North Carolina car theft foiled by Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Apple’s AirTags are often used to track items, including possessions such as luggage and vehicles. Recently, a stolen car was recovered by Durham PD officers, but not in the state that it was originally in before the theft. WRAL News reported that a Cary resident, Leslie Muhammad, had her Toyota Camry stolen by juvenile thieves […]

Lost luggage with AirTag gets sent to charity


A couple discovered that their lost luggage was donated while tracking it with an AirTag. Tom Wilson and Nakita Rees were returning to Canada after a honeymoon, but things took a curious turn when their luggage was apparently sent to a different location. Upon arriving home, the couple used the AirTag that was attached and […]

AirTag saves dog caught in California flooding


Apple’s AirTag has garnered a number of rescue stories from people, but this time the tracking device saved the life of a dog in danger. The ABC 7 recently reported that an incident in San Bernardino where a flood was taking place. Emilie Brill, the owner of an 18-month-old Australian Shepherd dog, watched as her […]

AirTag owners sue Apple for making ‘Unsafe Device’


Apple’s tracking device has recently been the target of a lawsuit. Two women in San Francisco claim that the Apple AirTag is unsafe because it can be used to stalk other people. The lawsuit, filed at a San Francisco federal court, alleges that the device was used by an ex-boyfriend to discover a woman’s whereabouts. […]