Gift wrapping option for Apple orders no longer offered

Gift Wrapping

Apple has removed all options for gift wrapping for online orders in Australia, the UK, US, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Canada, and a few select regions. Apple’s gift wrapping consisted of a white box with a contrasting red ribbon wrapped around it, as well as a greeting card that could be personalized. Before, gift wrapping […]

Reinforce and Make Your AirTags Tamper-Resistant with the Discounted TagVault Surface AirTag Case


An AirTag surface mount is an excellent companion to your AirTags. Today, the TagVault Surface AirTag case is down to just $11.50 from its original price of $13 on Amazon. How does an ‘indestructible AirTag surface mount’ sound? With the TagVault Surface, you can affix your AirTags to bikes, equipment, trailers, vehicles, and ATVs, just […]

AirTag reveals location of carjacked vehicle in Washington


Multiple AirTags helped a family recover their car after the vehicle got carjacked. A Washington, D.C. family was featured in a recent ABC7 News after having their car stolen. Fortunately for them, there were several AirTag devices hidden. Sean Setter said in an interview that a man came up to him as he was unloading […]

AirTags used by authorities in Drug bust


The DEA used an AirTag to track drug-making items from China to a US manufacturer. According to a Forbes report, border agents intercepted two packages containing pill dyes and a pill press and promptly contacted the DEA as they suspected it will be sent to a drug dealer. The Drug Enforcement Agency opted to put […]

AirTags used to expose recycling flaw in Singapore


Apple’s AirTags have been used to prove a Singapore recycling venture has failed. The Singapore government and Dow, a chemical producer, entered a joint recycling program where rubber from donated shoes will be used to construct running tracks and playgrounds in 2022. An investigation involving tracking devices saw that not all shoes were sent to […]

WSJ report says AirTags are not recommended for dogs


A recently published report by the Wall Street Journal details the risks that could happen if AirTags were fitted on dogs. AirTags are only 1.26 inches, which could be convenient for hiding in a dog’s collar. However, there’s also a risk of the device being swallowed by medium to large dogs. There have been several […]

Japanese ‘Year of the Rabbit’ special AirTags out now


Apple is selling new, limited edition AirTags for the Japanese New Year. Customers in Japan can avail of the promotion by purchasing an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, or an iPhone SE. The special AirTag will have a unique engraving of a cute bunny on the shell. As an added bonus, an iPhone […]

Apple launches new AirTags firmware

New AirTags Firmware

Apple has launched a new firmware update for its tracking device. AirTag firmware 2A36 is the newest firmware version after its predecessor, the 2A24e, launched last month. AirTag users who will check into the version number will find that it’s now 2.0.36. As always, Apple is not keen on revealing the full details as to […]