Nile Rodgers is Apple’s latest resident artist

Nile Rodgers

Musician, songwriter, and producer Nile Rodgers is the latest artist in residency on the Apple Music platform. Rodgers will focus on ways fans and musicians can make the most of spatial audio, offering a remastered work in Dolby Atmos spatial audio. There will also be educational events and live sessions in London, Los Angeles, and […]

New changes for Maps, Podcasts, and Music to arrive in fall


New improvements and features for Apple’s services will be coming in the fall. Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Maps are all set to receive significant changes and improvements as announced during the WWDC 2023 event. Senior Services VP Eddy Cue said that Apple ‘strives to deliver the best experience possible’, and further added that […]

Apple Music Classical launches on Android

Apple Music Classical

Apple’s classical music app is now available to download on the Android platform. After rolling out on iOS in March, Apple Music Classical has extended to Android users. The app appeared in the Play Store and has the same changes and features as iOS in terms of search. The Classical version limits the music to […]

Apple and Pepsi launch ‘Press Play on Summer Campaign’ promo

Apple and Pepsi

Pepsi today launched its ‘Press Play on Summer’ campaign and has teamed up with Apple to offer free Apple Music. The promotion will have Pepsi adding QR codes on their 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Spark, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Starry, and Starry Zero Sugar drinks, among others. Once scanned, […]

Apple Maps concert discovery feature launches

Apple Maps

Apple Maps users can now explore nearby concerts and live music venues within the app. Apple Music editors have published new guides on Maps to highlight idea live music venues in some of the leading culture hubs. In a press release, Apple said that the guides give music fans an ‘unforgettable night out’ via hand-picked […]

Shazam now works with Apple Music Classical

Apple Music

Music recognition service Shazam can now identify classical songs within the Apple Music Classical app. Apple recently updated Shazam to work in Apple Music Classical. Users can press the button in-app to search for music, then tap the menu and choose ‘Open in Classical’ to be directed to Apple Music Classical. Apple Music Classical launched […]

Apple Music live features Ed Sheeran

Apple Music

Apple Music Live’s newest live performance will be from music star Ed Sheeran. The new Apple Music Live season will open at the Eventim Apollo in London, with Ed Sheeran performing his latest album, ‘subtract’ in its entirety. Accompanying the artists is a 12-piece band which includes Aaron Dessner. The live performance is set to […]

Apple paid subscriptions will soon reach one billion

Apple Paid

Apple’s Services business will soon reach one billion paid subscriptions, according to Tim Cook. During the company’s Q2 earnings call, the Apple CEO mentioned that its Services business has reached 975 million subscriptions across platforms iCloud, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and the App Store. In February, Cook said that the division had reached 935 million, […]

Apple holds classical live concert at the Tower Theatre Store


Apple is holding a classical music concert at the Los Angeles Tower Theatre on April 30. Apple Music Classical recently launched with much success after teasing the feature for so long. As a celebration, Apple will be holding limited concerts in landmark Apple Stores, with the first being at 5th Avenue. Orchid Quartet will be […]

AI-Generated song ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ pulled from Apple Music

Apple Music

Universal Music Group has requested the Ai-generated song be removed from Apple Music and other streaming platforms. The UMG contacted streaming companies about ‘Heart on My Sleeve’, a song that’s generated by AI which sampled Drake and The Weeknd. The company said that the song broke copyright law as AI tools were used. The song […]

iPhone Apple Music users experience data leak bug

Apple Music

A number of Apple Music subscribers are saying that their playlists have been altered or switched with somebody else’s collection. Apple’s music service seems to have an issue with cloud server sync problems, with the result mixing people’s playlists with one another. The data leak bug is not yet proven to be the work of […]

Apple Music Classical app launches

Apple Music

The Apple Music Classical has finally launched to the public after a long wait. Apple said in a statement that Apple Music Classical will go live on March 28, with a dedicated app available to those who are interested. The app allows for ‘quick and easy’ search within the classical music catalog, and users enjoy […]

Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Hashflag goes live on Twitter

Apple Music

The official hashflag for the Super Bowl LVII is now active on social media platform Twitter. Apple’s hashflag is shaped like the Apple logo, only that it’s covered in red and has similar-colored light rays emanating from it. The hashflag was revealed on the official Hashflagsio Twitter account with the #AppleMusic tag. The logo also […]

Apple Music launches ‘Replay 2023’ playlist

Apple Music

Apple Music has released a new playlist, called ‘Replay 2023’ for subscribers. Users can access ‘Replay 2023’ by opening the Apple Music app or through their browsers. It’s a customized playlist that ranks the user’s music based on the number of plays from 100 to 1. The playlist auto-updates as the year goes on and […]

Apple classical music app found in iOS 16.3 release candidate code

Apple Classical Music App

Hidden code in the release candidate of iOS 16.3 reveals that Apple is still working to implement its standalone classical music app. Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music service, in August last year and announced that the company will be releasing an app in 2022. However, the plan was not completed and the Cupertino-based company […]

Apple’s promised classical music app fails to materialize

Classical Music App

Despite promises of launching a dedicated classical music app in 2022, Apple did not go forward with the plan. Apple in August 2021 announced its acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music service alongside a statement that the company will launch an app for it. In a press release, the Cupertino-based company said that Apple Music […]

iOS-Compatible Moto Watch 100 to gain Apple music playback

Moto Watch

Motorola’s Moto Watch has an update that will please iPhone music playback capabilities. The Moto Watch 100, which initially launched in 2021 will have an update that allows Android and iOS music playback. The revised smartwatch incorporates emergency alerts and fall detection alongside oxygen saturation and heart monitoring features. Those interested can purchase the Moto […]

Tesla cars finally get Apple Music support

Tesla Cars

Electric car company Tesla recently rolled out an update that will please Apple Music subscribers. Tesla owners and Apple Music users can update their vehicle’s operating system to 2022.44.25 to get native support for the music streaming service. Individuals are instructed to go to the Application Launcher and tap Apple Music, then scan the QR […]