Apple TV+ suspends several first look deals over writing strike

Apple TV+

A number of first look deals have been put on hold after a continued period of writing strike. Streaming services, broadcasting, and TV productions have experienced numerous delays as the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA have taken up pickets as a protest. Apple TV+ recently joined the group and put several deals on hold, […]

Apple TV+ Adds DreamWorks Animation’s ‘Curses!’


Apple TV+ will have a new animated series in partnership with DreamWorks Animation. ‘Curses!’ is a spooky adventure comedy that tells the story of a curse turning Russ and Pandora’s father to stone. With the help of their mother Sky, the group aims to return stolen artifacts and appease their ancestors to bring their family […]

‘For All Mankind’ Season 4 launches November 10

For All Mankind

Science fiction ‘what if?’ alternate reality show ‘For All Mankind’ will have its fourth season available to watch on Apple TV+ on November 10. The fourth season is set in the year 2003 when the series shifts to mining valuable asteroids in order to fuel man’s future and its Mars expedition. As expected, tensions rise […]

‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ to arrive on November 17

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Apple TV+ recently announced the first two episodes of the upcoming Godzilla series ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ coming on November 17. After announcing the live-action drama series, Apple has now set a launch date for the first episodes, which will arrive in November. The remaining content will be revealed on a weekly basis every Friday […]

Apple TV+ discounts MLS Season Pass to $29

MLS Season

Apple has reduced the pricing for its MLS Season Pass as the second half of the season has passed. Soccer fans can get a deal by signing up for the discounted MLS Season Pass. Usually $79 or $99 for Apple TV+ subscribers and non-subscribers, the price has been cut down to just $29 for non-subscribers […]

Apple cancels free one week Apple TV+ trial in South Africa and the UK

Apple TV+

The free 1-week Apple TV+ promo has been removed for South Africa and UK users. Apple usually gives away free streaming promos, with the last one for the MLS Season Pass. However, countries like South Africa and the UK can no longer get the TV service for free as it has been pulled from the […]

Apple TV+ ‘The Pigeon Tunnel’ to debut October 20

The Pigeon Tunnel

Apple TV+ recently posted a trailer video for its upcoming documentary ‘The Pigeon Tunnel’ The trailer is over a minute in length and showcases the documentary. In the description, Apple highlights original score, dramatized vignettes, and rare archival footage. It’s also said that the documentary will be John le Carre’s ‘final and most candid interview’ […]

‘Flora and Son’ Official Trailer Video Debuts

Flora and Son

Apple TV+ has uploaded a trailer video for its upcoming musical film ‘Flora and Son’ ‘Flora and Son’ tells the story of a mom with a delinquent son. She tries to reform him by teaching him how to play the guitar and try to turn his life around. The movie has a similar vibe to […]

New ‘The Morning Show’ trailer video for season 3 surfaces

The Morning Show

Apple TV+ has released a new trailer video for season 3 of ‘The Morning Show’ Season three of ‘The Morning Show’ is set to debut September 13 with two episodes available to watch during that time. The series was one of the first to launch on the streaming platform, with season two going live in […]

Apple TV+ reveals new details on ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

New information about the upcoming Godzilla and Titans show has appeared online. According to Apple, the saga spans three generations and lead to earth-shattering events, one of which is the aftermath of the battle between Godzilla and the Titans. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters tells the story of two siblings who are on a journey to […]

Analyst predicts Apple will acquire ESPN soon


Analyst Dan Ives made a bold prediction that Apple will acquire sports channel ESPN in the coming months. Dan Ives, from Wedbush, said that it’s a ‘matter of when, not if’ in the purchase of ESPN by Apple. He claims that Apple is a great fit for Apple TV+ and recommended that the Cupertino-based company […]

Apple TV+ ‘The Buccaneers’ launches November 8

The Buccaneers

A new eight-part series will be showing on Apple TV+ starting November 8. ‘The Buccaneers’ is an adaptation of Edith Wharton’s unfinished book. It tells the story of young American girls stirring up 1870 London and setting into motion a ‘culture clash’ of stiff upper lip versus individuals with a disregard for tradition. Apple’s description […]

Apple TV+ announces new Lionel Messi documentary

Lionel Messi

Apple TV+ recently revealed a new documentary about football star Lionel Messi. Messi coming to the Inter Miami CF team and MLS has apparently benefited Apple. The streaming platform received a new viewership record, and MLS season pass subscriptions doubled as a result of the move. It seems that Apple is planning to ride this […]

US Apple TV+ viewers find ‘Frog and Toad’ error ‘Content Unavailable’

Frog and Toad

Apple TV+ subscribers in the US are now unable to view the recently-released animated kids series ‘Frog and Toad’ ‘Frog and Toad’ is a kid’s cartoon that launched on April 28. However, just a few months after it was released the series apparently disappeared from the US lineup. Viewers are presented with a ‘Content Unavailable’ […]

‘Still Up’ Comedy series appearing on Apple TV+

Still Up

A new comedy show titled ‘Still Up’ will be appearing on Apple TV+ on September 22. ‘Still Up’ tells the story of a pair of insomniacs who hide their feelings for each other. The show joins other comedic content on the Apple TV+ platform such as ‘Trying’, ‘Shrinking’, and ‘Ted Lasso’, among others. ‘Still Up’ […]

Apple TV+ reported to discuss possible NBA streaming rights

Apple TV+

Bloomberg reported that Apple and competitors are in talks to secure streaming rights to NBA games after Bally Sports filed for bankruptcy. Local NBA streaming rights are up for grabs after Diamond Sports Group’s Bally Sports fell by the wayside. Disney, Amazon, and YouTube are among those interested in picking up the sports league’s games, […]

September schedule of MLB Friday Night Baseball games released

MLB Friday Night Baseball Games

The MLB and Apple have published a list of schedule for the upcoming games in Friday Night Baseball. MLB Friday Night Baseball is available to watch on the Apple TV+ platform with a subscription. Every Friday, there are two games streamed to 60 countries, all without local broadcasting restrictions. The full schedule is available to […]

Apple TV+ ‘City on Fire’ ends after season one

City on Fire

‘City on Fire’, an Apple TV+ crime drama series will not continue towards a second season. The Apple TV+ crime drama was canceled after its first season run, with a no-go on the series becoming a limited serial show. ‘City on Fire’ tells the story of a New York University student’s murder and how it […]