Foxconn leaves $19.5 billion India facility deal


Apple partner Foxconn said that it will not pursue the joint deal with Vedanta company in India. Reuters reported that Foxconn will no longer agree to a joint partnership with Indian firm Vedanta over a chip production venture in the country. Initially, it was believed that Foxconn has invested $118.7 million with the firm, which […]

iPhone 15 sparks hiring spree in Foxconn China

iPhone 15

The upcoming iPhone 15 is believed to be the reason for the mass hiring of Foxconn in China. Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 15 lineup this fall, with Foxconn expected to have the bulk of production. The South China Morning Post recently said that the Apple partner is on a hiring spree, offering […]

Vietnam power suppliers request Luxshare and Foxconn to save electricity

Vietnam Power Suppliers

Vietnam is in the midst of a power shortage after a rise in electricity demand. Tech companies have been making Vietnam a production hub, with Quanta, BOE, Foxconn, and others expanding rapidly in the region. The Wall Street Journal recently reported how these facilities have been given notices from electrical companies saying that they should […]

Foxconn breaks ground in latest AirPods production building in India


Apple partner Foxconn recently broke new ground for an AirPods plant in Konger Kalaan, Telangana. Telangana IT minister K.T. Rama Rao tweeted about the company’s groundbreaking event, and said that the plant will be a $500 million investment and create around 25,000 jobs. Foxconn apparently had the go signal from Apple and set up plans […]

Foxconn launches subsidy bonus to retain employees


Apple partner Foxconn has recently launched a program to entice its workers to stay. Foxconn has offered a subsidy to the tune of 6,000 yuan, or roughly $862, for employees who show up for 23 days in January next year, based on a South China Morning Post. Along the same lines, the company will give […]

Foxconn strengthens production capability in India


Apple supply chain partner Foxconn has recently invested $500 million in India to bolster manufacturing diversity, according to the South China Morning Post. Taiwan Stock Exchange papers revealed that Foxconn has pumped a significant amount of money into India in an effort to boost production capacity in the region. Foxconn already has factories in India […]